The 1st International Biopetrological Congress will be held in 

Shijiazhuang, China,on 

Sept. 17-21, 2023


Sponsored by the International Biopetrological Association (IBA), and organized by 14 universities and research institutions, the 1st International Bioptrological Congress will be held in Shijiazhuang on September 17-21, 2023.

The congress aims to be a platform for global scientists in biopetrology and the related disciplines to demonstrate their research achievements in recent years, and discuss how to promote the development of the disciplines.

Shijiazhuang is selected as the congress venue not only because there are well-exposed Proterozoic and Cambrian microbialite sequences near it, but also because it is not far from Beijing and Jixian of Tianjin, and it is easy to observe the microbialites in the vicinities of Beijing and Jixian, and the rocks near the globally famous Great Wall.

In this congress, more than 22 topics involving bioliths and evolution of Earth system will be discussed in 13 sessions and 15 invited plenary presentations. 

The congress will be a milestone event in the development of biopetrology. It is a great chance for you to witness the historical event and present your innovative research results, I, on behalf of the Organizing Committee, am honored to invite you to attend the congress,  give oral presentations or posters, and visit the wonderful microbialite outcrops.

                                        Chair of IBA and IBC                                            

On January 11, 2023

Scientific Programs

(1) pre-conference short course, (2) plenary presentations, (3) oral presentations, (4) poster sessions, (5) awarding and ceremony, (6) mid-conference field trips, and (7) post-conference field trips. 


Map of Shijiazhuang and Beijing

(1) The Paleoproterozoic microbialite sequence near Shijiazhuang, 2.

  (2) The Mesoproterozoic microbialite sequences near Shijiazhuang, 1, 3.

  (3) The Cambrian microbialite sequences near Shijiazhuang, 4, 5.

 (4) The Mesoproterozoic microbialite sequence in Jixian National Geological Park, 6.

  (5) The Great Wall, ☆7

8:​​​The Zhengding airport of Shijiazhuang.

Oral Presenation Time

  • The time length of each oral presentation is not more than 25 minutes for plenary and not more than 20 minutes for sessions

Academic Topics

The scientific topics of the congress include but not limited to the followings:

(1) Biomineralization,

(2) Travertine and modern microbialites,

(3) Modern reef systems and their environments,

(4) Co-evolution of ancient reef systems and their environments,

(5) Progresses in research of ancient reef organisms,

(6) Formation mechanism of bioliths and their spatial and temporal distribution,

(7) Geochemistry of bioliths,

(8) Recognition of extraterrestrial bioliths,

(9) Advances in taxonomy and ecology of microbes,

(10) Advances in paleomicrobiology,

(11) Mass extinctions and microbialites,


(12) Bioliths and oxygenation of the Earth,

(13) Bioliths and deep-time carbon cycle: history and models,

(14) Bioliths and deep-time paleogeography and paleooceanography,

(15) Bioliths and evolution of Earth system,

(16) Origins of carbonate micrites,

(17) Advance in research of dolomites and microbial dolomites,

(18) Advance in research of abiogenic carbonates,

(19) Biogenic structures in clastic rocks,

(20) Formation mechanism of biolith-related oil and gas reservoirs,

(21) Formation mechanism of large biolith-related ore deposits,

(22) New methods or thoughts in biopetrology.


Excellent Presentation Awards for Students


Excellent Presentation Awards for Graduate and Undergraduate Students are selected from the oral presentations and posters by the Academic Committees of IBC. The number of the awards will be 1/10 of the oral presentations and posters by students. The winners will be awarded a certificate and a bonus of 1,500 CNY. In today’s rate, 1 USD = 6.9 CNY.


Excellent Presentation Awards


Five to ten Excellent Oral Presentation Awards will be selected by the Academic Committees from all non-student oral presentations. All winners will receive a certificate and a prize of 2,000 CNY.



The congress will compile an abstract collection. All attendees are encouraged to submit one or more abstracts. The abstracts should be in English, and include title, author's name, affiliation, email address, and text. Inserted figures are permitted. Please send your abstracts (word files) to

High quality abstracts will be published in Biopetrology, a peer reviewed international journal sponsored by the International Biopetrological Association (IBA), depending on the review results by members of the Academic Committees. The website of Biopetrology is


Financial Aids


The conference will provide financial aids to the attendees whose one-way travel cost is >3000 CNY (= 434 USD). Applicants are requested to submit an application to The decision on aids will be made by the Organizing Committees of the conference. Overseas scholars can participate in the conference online.



(1) A five-star hotel with 322 one-double-bed or two-single-bed rooms is ready for this conference. It will provide five types of specially discounted rooms priced at 350, 380, 400, 450, and 490 CNY, respectively. Today, 1 USD = 6.9 CNY.

(2) A four-star hotel 2 km away is also ready to provide 50 one-double-bed and two-single-bed rooms priced at 280 CNY.

Attendees should submit registration and accommodation requirements in the website through email to biopetrology@qq.comso that the congress will reserve the room for you.


The sponsor of  the congress is the International Biopetrological Associationan international academic society for researchers in biopetrology and the related disciplines. Currently, it has more than 300 members from 29 countries.



(1)  Hebei GEO University

(2)  Hebei Key Laboratory of Strategic Critical Mineral Resources 

(3)  Henan Polytechnic University

(4)  Shandong Provincial Key Laboratory of Sedimentary Mineralization and Sedimentary Minerals

(5)  Northwest Branch of Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration and Development, Petrochina

(6)  Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences




(6)   Northeastern University

(7)   Northwest University

(8)  Shandong University of Science and Technology

(9)  Southwest Petroleum University

(10) Yangtze University

(1)   Chengdu University of Technology

(2) China University of Geosciences (Wuhan)

(3) Hefei University of Technology

(4)   Guangxi University 

(5)   National Natural Science Foundation of China

Organizing Committee


Bin Wang (Professor, Vice President of Hebei GEO University)

Ya-Sheng Wu (Professor, Chairman of the Academic Committee of IBA)


Zhi-liang Dong, Zuo-Zhen Han, Hong Hua, Qiang Ji, Hongwei Kuang, Xian-Guo Lang, Yong-An Qi, Yuefen Shen, Jian-Gong Wang


Deputy secretary general


An-Jiang Shen, Ao-Ran Liu, Bogusław Kołodziej, Chunfang Cai, Dominic Papineau, Deng Liu, En-Pu Gong, Fritz Neuweiler, Gong-Liang Yu, Guang-You Zhu, Hai-Long Sun, Hao Yan, Hong-Mei Wang, Hong-Xia Jiang, Hua-Xiao Yan, Jin-Hua Li, Jing-Jie Cao, Ke Pang, Ke-Fu Yu, LeYaoi, Li-Fu Tian, Li-Jing Liu, Luisa I. Falcon, Markus Aretz, Michael Steiner, Ming-Cai Hou, Ming-Yi Hu, Peng-Ju Liu, Qiang Ji, Robert Burne, Robert Riding, Su-Ping Ma, Subir Sarkar, Tian-Ran Chen, Wen-Chao Yu, Wen-Qing Pan, Wen-Sheng Wu, Xian-Cai Lu, Xiao-Min Xie, Xiu-Cheng Tan, Xiu-Juan Zheng, Xin-Qiang Wang, Xiu-Fen Zhai, Xiu-Juan Zheng, Xiu-Qing Yang, Xue-Song Tian, Yi-Liang Li, Ying-Jie Li, Yong-Li Zhang, Yuan Wang, Yue Li, Zhi-Fei Zhang, Zhi-Liang Dong,  Zhi-Liang He, Zhong-Wu Lan.


Academic Committee

Shu-Cheng Xie (Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor, China University of Geosciences at Wuhan, China)


General Academic Director​​​​​​

Ya-Sheng Wu (Chairman of IBA)    

Robert Riding (University of Tennessee, USA)

Dominic Papineau (University College London, UK)

Luisa I. Falcón (National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico)



Abigail C. Allwood (USA), Achim Wehrmann (Germany), An-Jiang Shen (China), Brian Jones (Canada), Christophe Dupraz (Sweden), Chun-Fang Cai (China), Concha Arenas (Spain), Deng Liu (China), Dong-Jie Tang (China), Emmanuelle Vennin (France), En-Pu Gong (China), Edoardo Perri (Italy), Fei Li (China), Fumito Shiraishi (Japan), Geraint Wyn Hughes (UK), Gong-Liang Yu (China), Guang-You Zhu (China), Hai-Ruo Qing (Canada), Hong-Mei Wang (China), Hong Hua (China), Hong-Wei Kuang (China), Hong-Xia Jiang (China), Jeong-Hyun Lee (Korea), Ji-Tao Chen (China), Jian-Gong Wang (China), Jin-Hua Li (China), Karim Benzerara (France), Ke Pang (China), Ke-Fu Yu (China), Le Yao (China), Ming-Cai Hou (China), Ming-Xiang Mei (China), Ming-Yi Hu (China), Peng-Ju Liu (China), Pieter T. Visscher (USA), R. P. Reid (USA), Ricardo J. Jahnert (Brazil), Robert Burne (Australia), Robert Riding (USA), Qiang Ji (China), Shu-Hai Xiao (USA), Subir Sarkar (India), Tadeusz Marek Peryt (Poland), Tian-Ran Chen (China), Xian-Cai Lu (China), Xian-Guo Lang (China), Xiu-Cheng Tan (China), Yue-Feng Shen (China), Yi-Liang Li (Hongkong, China), Yin-Ye Wu (China), Yong-An Qi (China), Yue-Feng Shen (China), Zai-Hua Liu (China), Zhi-Fei Zhang (China), Zhi-Liang He (China), Zuo-Zhen Han (​​China).




Important dates


Universities, research institutes and enterprises are welcome to financially support the conference. Universities and research institutes that provide financial aids to the conference are automatically included in the list of organizers. The companies that have sponsored the conference will have the right to show and promote their business or products at the conference booth. For details about sponsorship, please contact: 19933071917 (Ao-Ran Liu).

 Sponsorship  Policy


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+86-10-18618382036 (Hong-Xia Jiang), +86-10-19933071917Ao-Ran Liu,+86-10-18032066002 (Zhi-Yuan Zhang)


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