Registration Fee and Field Trip Fee

Step 1: pay the fee (交费), 

Step 2: fill in the following table and submit it to inform us of your payment(填表提交).

Note: CNY=Chinese Yuan. On May 4, 1 USD = 6.9 CNY, and 1 euros = 7.3 CNY. You can pay fees in CNY, USD or euros according to the currency rate of today or of the day you pay.  
Three ways to pay fees
(1) If you pay fees in CNY, you can use Wechat's scanning function to scan the QR code below to pay fees. Please fill in your name and moble phone number in the postscript. (可以用手机微信扫描下面的二维码进行支付,在备注中填写您的名字和手机号码)

(2) Atendees can pay fees in CNY, USD or euros to the following bank account number through mobile banking service, PC bank service, ATM, and bank desk service.

Bank name Bank of China Shanghai Jiangchuan Road Branch.
Account Name Shanghai Chidu Conference and Exhibition Service Co. LTD.
Account Number:   445584157230

In Chinese:
账    户:上海尺度会展服务有限公司
账    号:445584157230

(3)  If you pay fees in USD, euros, or other currencies, you can do it through paypal to
(4)  If you pay fees in USD, euros, or other currencies, you are welcome do it at the receipt desk in the five-star main accomodation hotel of the congress in ​Shijaizhuang with your credit card
(5) After you paid your fees, please fill in the following form with the information for the invoice for you (填写发票信息,中国学者请用中文): 
  • Your name*
  • Amount you paid*
  • Fee type you paid*
  • Invoice title (the organization that reimburses your expenses)*
  • Phone
  • Email*
☺ Thank  you  for attending the conference!