Sponsored by the International Biopetrological Association (IBA) and Hebei GEO University, and organized by 17 universities and research institutions, the 1st International Bioptrological Congress will be held in Shijiazhuang on September 22-25, 2023.

The congress aims to be a platform for global scientists in biopetrology and the related disciplines to demonstrate their research achievements in recent years, and discuss how to promote the development of the disciplines.

Shijiazhuang is selected as the congress venue not only because there are well-exposed Proterozoic and Cambrian microbialite sequences near it, but also because it is not far from Beijing and Jixian of Tianjin, and it is easy to observe the microbialites in the vicinities of Beijing and Jixian.

In this congress, more than 22 topics involving bioliths and evolution of Earth system will be discussed in 13 sessions and 22 invited plenary presentations. 

The congress will be a milestone event in the development of biopetrology. It is a great chance for you to witness the historical event and present your innovative research results, I, on behalf of the Organizing Committee, am honored to invite you to attend the congress,  give oral presentations or posters, and visit the wonderful modern and ancient bioliths.

                                        Chair of IBA and IBC                                            

On January 11, 2023