List of Invited plenary presentations

(1) Advances in the study of hydrothermal outlets of mid-ocean ridges (ocean black chimneys)

—by Xi-Qiu Han, research fellow from the Second Institute of Oceanology, Ministry of Natural Reso​​urces, and chief scientist in oceanic research in China.

(2) Advances in the study of life on Mars.

—by Giorgio Bianci​ardi, professor from University of Siena, Italy.

(3) Evidence for microbial origin of BIF iron ore. 

—by Yi-Lian​g Li, professor from University of Hong Kong.

(4) Advances in  research of modern microbiolites in the Bahamas. 

—by R​obert Riding, professor from the University of Tennessee, USA, and international expert on microbialites.

(5) Progress in research of modern microbialites in Australia.

 —by Robe​rt Burne, professor from the University of Queensland, Australia, and international expert on microbialites.

(6) Progress in research of the global carbon cycle mechanism.

—by Li-Y​uan Liang, the chief scientist of Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA. 

(7) Advances in research of origin of dolomite. 

—by Hai-R​uo Qing, professor from the University of Regina, Canada, and international expert on dolomite research.

(8) Progress in research of microbial dolomites. 

—by Hong-​Mei Wang, professor from the China University of Geosciences at Wuhan.

(9) Progress in early microbial communities on Earth. 

—by Do​minic Papineau, associate professor from University College London.

(10) Advances in study of the evolution of Early Life. 

—by Shu-H​ai Xiao, professor from Virginia Tech University, and Academician  of the National Academy of Sciences, USA.

(11) Formation mechanism of modern travertines in Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong World Heritage. 

—by Hai-​Long Sun, associate professor from Institute of Geochemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

(12) Introduction to the International Society of Palaeogeography. 

—by Shen​g-He Wu, professor from China University of Petroleum, and the president of the International Society of Palaeogeography. 

(13) The energy basis and molecular mechanism of deep-time iron and manganese minerals-microbial co-evolution. 

—by J​​uan Liu, associate professor from Peking University.

(14) A blueprint for the development of the discipline biopetrology.

 —by Ya-Sheng Wu​, the President of the Academic Committee of the International Biopetrological Association.

(15) Introduction to the microbialites near Shijiazhuang. 

—by Ho​ng-Xia Jiang, research assistant from Hebei GEO University.