On behalf of the Organizing Committee the 1st International Biopetrological Congress (IBC) held in Shijiazhuang, China, on September 23-25, I declare that the content of the abstracts, oral presentations and posters by all participants of this conference is strictly protected by copyright law. The oral presentation will be recorded as video The PDF files of the abstracts and posters will be saved. The contents of these documents have been publicly presented or exhibited at this conference and are therefore copyrighted in the same way as papers in journals and books. Thanks to copyright protection, participating scholars can boldly express innovative ideas in their abstracts, posters and oral presentations.

-Ya-Sheng Wu

September 9, 2023​​

(In Chinese: 我代表IBC的组委会郑重声明,这次会议所有参加者提交的摘要、口头报告、展板的内容都受到版权法的严格保护。口头报告将保存视频文件。摘要和展板将保存pdf文件。这些文件的内容都已经在本次会议上公开地宣讲或展出,所以具有与刊物和书籍同样的版权性质。由于版权得到保护,与会学者可以在摘要、展板和口头报告中大胆表达创新思想。

All abstracts (doc, docx) and poster (ppt) documents submitted to by attendees will be preprinted in the official journal of IBA, Biopetrology, and automatically protected by the copyright law. The preprint don’t prohibit its more-detailed versions to be published in the future.

(In Chinese: 与会者发送到biopetrology@qq.com的摘要和展板文件将在Biopetrology上预印发表。在改正语言错误后,将转为正式发表。预印发表不影响今后发表扩充内容的文章。所以,请提交高质量的摘要doc文件和展板ppt文件到上述邮箱)