Biopetrology is a young International Journal founded by the International Biopetrological Association (IBA)  aiming quickly to publish innovative research results in biopetrology and related fields. ​It is a free open access journal—at no cost to the authors and readers.

The time of paper-printing publishing is ​ going away. Biopetrology will lead scientists to an efficient, convenient, and pleasant net-publishing era.

is a new interdisciplinary science, covering the studies of biomineralization and all biogenic rocks and mineral constructions, such as microbialites and reef rocks.

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The Earth consists of four earths: a green earth full of life, a white earth full of biogenic minerals, a grey earth full of rocks, and a golden earth full of ore deposits, petroleum and gas. 

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Abder El Albani (France),  Adrita Choudhuri (India), Bing Shen (China), Bogusław Kołodziej (Poland), Christophe Dupraz (Sweden), Dai-Zhao Chen (China), Dong-Jie Tang (China),  En-Pu Gong (China), Fei Li (China),  Feng Zhang (China), Giorgio Bianciardi (Italy), Geraint Hughes (UK), Hong-Wei Kuang (China), Hua-Xiao Yan (China), Jin-Hua Li (China), Lei Jiang (China), Lin Dong (China)Luisa Falcon (Mexico), Pablo Suárez González(Spain), Santanu Banerjee (India), Subir Sarkar (India), Wei Wang (China), Yue-Feng Shen (China), Ying Cui (USA), Zuo-Zhen Han (China).

Ya-Sheng Wu, Professor, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China. 


Vice Chief Editor

Robert Burne, Honory Professor,  The University of Queesland,  Australia. 


Dominic PapineauAssociate professorUniversity College London, London, UK.


Dai-Zhao Chen, Professor, Institute of Geology and Geophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. 

Biopetrology, Vol. 1, No.1, 2022

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The objectives of biopetrology

 Ya-Sheng Wu

Publisher:  IBA

Biopetrology, 1(1): 1-2.

Published:  6 January, 2022

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Definition of biopetrology

 Ya-Sheng Wu

Publisher:  IBA

Biopetrology, 1(1): 3-8.

Published:  6 January, 2022

Earliest calcified green algae from the 520 Ma old dolostones in Xinjiang, China

Hong-Xia Jiang, Yue-Yang Zhang

Publisher:  IBA

Biopetrology, 1(1): 9-18.

Published:  6 January, 2022

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Classification of biogenic carbonate rocks


Ya-Sheng Wu

Publisher:  IBA

Biopetrology, 1(1): 19-29.

Published:  6 January, 2022


Innovation directions in paleoecology:  evolutionary paleoecology

Hong-Xia Jiang, Ya-Sheng Wu, Yue-Yang Zhang

Publisher:  IBA

Biopetrology, 1(1): 30-47.

Published:  6 January, 2022

The generality of preservation of organic remains in body fossils by FTIR spectra

Timothy D. Huang, Yao-Chang Lee, Cheng-Cheng Chiang, Robert R. Reisz

Publisher:  IBA

Biopetrology, 1(1): 48-60.

Published:  6 January, 2022

Biopetrology, Vol. 1, No. 2, 2022

Biopetrology, Vol. 1, No.1, ​2022

Earth's oldest stromatolites in the 3.7 billion years old rocks from Greenland: evidence of benthic microbial communities 

Ya-Sheng Wu,    Hong-Xia Jiang

Publisher:  IBA

Biopetrology, 1(2): 61-69.

Published:  18 November 2022

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